Reopen for Winter 24-25 in Nov.


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Lookout Pass will allow uphill human travel only in the semi-developed Eagle Peak Expansion Area, only for those who have a current day lift ticket or are a current season pass holder. This applies only when this area has assigned Ski Patrol coverage. No uphill access on any trails served by Chair 1, 2, 3, or 4. 

This would generally be allowed between 8:30AM and 2:00PM, subject to patrol availability. Our daily snow report will indicate if this area is open to uphill travel. Outside of the 8:30am to 2pm window, Uphill Access would be prohibited on account of snow grooming operations or because other equipment may be located on or operating on the hill. 

No private or public snowmobiles, snow cats, motorized snowbikes, or other types of over-the-snow motorized equipment are allowed to access the areas within the permit that Lookout Pass has with the forest service including the new Eagle Peak expansion area.  

No UpHill access is available after the Ski Area closes for the winter as we may be operating machinery or having other work being done anywhere on the mountain. Please respect this policy.

More information will be forthcoming regarding Uphill Access policies at Lookout Pass for winter 2022-23. Unless we indicate elsewhere there is NO Uphill Access allowed at Lookout Pass in or after the season closes.