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Mar 19

3/19/2021 - Toyota Ski FREE Friday - Drivers get a FREE Lift Ticket

Friday March 19, 2021 is Toyota Ski Free Day! If you drive a Toyota, Lexus or Scion, be sure to come up to Lookout Pass. Those drivers will receive a FREE lift ticket for the day (Limit 1 Free Ticket per vehicle). 

FREE Lift Ticket is for the Driver of the Toyota, Lexus or Scion only. You must drive the vehicle to the area to get the FREE ticket. Registration, Keys etc do not count! 

Valid Friday, March 19th only.

The DRIVER of any TOYOTA who comes to Lookout Pass ski area on March 19, 2021 will receive a FREE lift ticket VALID FOR THAT DAY ONLY.  Just drive your Toyota to the mountain on that day. Drivers will receive a coupon. Fill it out and turn it in at the ticket window to get your free lift ticket for the day! 

Toyota representatives will be in the parking lot under a Toyota tent.  When the customer arrives in their Toyota they alone will receive a FREE lift ticket for that day.  Offer is valid as long as the Toyota tent is up which will be till around 11:30 am - It's that simple.

If multiple people show up in a Toyota, and they all show proof of ownership, ONLY THE DRIVER OF THE TOYOTA THAT IS THERE WILL RECEIVE THE FREE LIFT TICKET. You are all very creative!!

Don't have a Toyota?  Then be sure to go purchase one before the event.  Toyota has a large selection of available All-Wheel Drive or 4-Wheel Drive vehicles!

***THE CUSTOMER MUST BE DRIVING A TOYOTA, SCION OR LEXUS to get the free lift ticket. Showing keys, registrations, or telling us you really have a Toyota at home DOES NOT WORK. Toyota representatives will be in the parking lot at this event under a Toyota tent.  When the customer arrives in their Toyota they'll receive a voucher to be exchanged for a free lift ticket for that day.



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