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Why? - To better manage our Capacity & Parking at a time when we know the mountain will likely be busy.  
Want peace-of-mind, or traveling a long distance to visit and want to guarantee you'll have a ticket regardless of what time you arrive. Then an Advanced Purchase of your lift tickets is the way to go. Be sure to 
finalize your purchase a minimum of 24hrs in advance of our 8 am opening hour for the day you want to visit. 

LODGING RESERVATIONS - If your chosen lodging property has issued you one of our lift ticket vouchers that states it is valid over these dates we will certainly honor it. 

ADVANTAGE CARDS - You will not be able to make a Reservation thru the system and receive your $10 savings. To get the $10 off you need to purchase your Lift Tickets at the ticket window. 

FREE SKI SCHOOL - If you have a SEASON PASS you do not need a reservation.
If you do not have a Season Pass - YES you should consider making an advanced purchase if you want to ski/ride after your free lesson as it saves you $. 
PAID SKI SCHOOL PRIVATE LESSONS MADE BY RESERVATION - YES you Reserved and Paid for a Lesson. We will count this as a Lift Ticket Reservation too. Others in your party that may not be taking a lesson might want to make an advance purchase.  
PARKING - We can not guarantee anyone a Parking spot at any time. How people park and at what time they arrive is pretty much out of our control. Please arrive early if you are redeeming an advanced purchase ticket. Our Ticket Window Staff will start issuing Lift Tickets as early as 7:30 to 8 am. Our Peak One Quad Chairlift opens at 8:30 on Weekends & over our Holiday Periods. 

KNOW BEFORE YOU GO: With past years Covid-19 challenges changing the landscape at ski areas all across the country some practices have changed at Ski Lookout Pass too. We want you to know these changes in RENTALS - TICKETS - LESSONS & PARKING so you can plan effectively to make the most of your days on snow. - See details below!
ENJOY: We look forward to welcoming you to the mountain. Over holiday period like MLK & Presidents weekend any area worth their snow should be busy. It's no different here. So please show patience and compassion to our staff and fellow guests. We'll loading chairlifts to capacity this year to enhance guest experience. In lift lines we currently do not have any mask mandates for guests. Wear a mask if you like but it is not currently a requirement at Ski Lookout Pass. 

RENTALS: Now opening at 8 am Weekends & holiday periods. Guests may encounter a waiting period outside prior to entering the building on busy days. If you're renting equipment please come and establish your position in line, and know you can also purchase your lift ticket at the same time you are getting your rentals.
TICKETS - ADVANCED PURCHASE FOR LIFT TICKETS NEED TO BE MADE before 8 am - the day before your visit. The system will not accept any orders after 8 am the day before your visit. That does not mean we are sold out just that you can't make an advanced purchase any longer. 
To get a ticket for a Saturday you need to have finalized your ticket purchase no later than 7:59am on Friday morning. To get a ticket for a Sunday you need to reserve it no later than 7:59 am (PST) on Saturday.
Why make an advanced purchase? It saves you money. It also helps us to plan for staffing and better manage our capacity & parking at a time when we know the mountain could get busy & even possibly sell out. This is one important change you should learn to work to your advantage as it offers peace-of-mind. Traveling a long distance to visit and wanting to guarantee you'll have a ticket set aside regardless of what time you arrive. Then purchasing your lift tickets in advance is the way to go. Be sure to 
finalize your reservations a minimum of 24hrs in advance of our 8 am opening for the day you want to visit. 
We'll have a supply of Lift Tickets available for sale at our Ticket Windows at the start of every day. Unlike most other ski areas in our market you can actually buy a lift ticket at the Lookout Pass ticket window every weekend & even on Holiday Dates, and certainly anytime midweek. PLEASE know these tickets are sold on a First-come - First-served basis. We know not everyone can plan ahead, and we want you to come out, enjoy the snow, and return time and time again. Please arrive early if this is your plan. Tickets go on sale at 7:30 am on most weekends & all Holiday periods, 8:30 am Midweek.
Midweek days have many more lift tickets available for walk up purchase as the demand is lower.  We encourage you to plan your adventures midweek if you can. You'll enjoy having more of the mountain to yourself, fewer people, closer parking spots and lower prices midweek. You will also save money when making an advanced purchase. 
SKI or SNOWBOARD LESSONSLesson availability is understnadably limited over holiday periods and prime season weekends. Many have already made advance reservations. If you don't have a confirmed reservation we'll do what we can to accommodate your needs, but we may not be able to meet your desires.
The lesson staff is understandably very busy each morning, so they may not be able to answer the phone or return most phone calls till later in the afternoon or even early evening. Please review our offerings on the website so you know what will work best for you. Then email or call 208.744.1234 x15 for lesson availability. Leave a detailed message stating the date you want a lesson, the lesson type, age of participant(s) and if lesson is for a skier or snowboarder. We also encourage all guests to consider taking lessons midweek, non-holiday, when we will have more availability!
PARKING: Understandably choice spots will fill up early on weekend & holidays. We want to make the most of our parking so we ask that you park tight so as to not waste space between vehicles. If you have friends please carpool to save spaces and the environment. We also ask that you park where our parking attendants designate. Please look for their guidance when coming into the lot and show patience and respect. 
Why - You'll enjoy a very different, more relaxed and less crowded experience.