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Huckleberry Jam

Huckleberry Jam at Lookout Pass

Huckleberry Jam is a progression park geared towards helping those who are eager to learn, but don't know where to start. Huckleberry offers a wide varitey of creative, simple, and basic features and smaller jumps. Here, you can find simple ride on boxes and shorter down rails that help a rider or skier sharpen their skills at their own pace. What's great about Huckleberry Jam is that it's located on Huckleberry Ridge, which is "off the grid" and away from the public's view, making it easier and more comfortable for someone who is learning the ways of a terrain park. It is located on the ID side of the mountain. Whether you are trying to learn the basics of balancing on a box, or trying to land that first grab or cool trick, this is the place to practice and progress. Riding on Huckleberry Jam will help you improve your skills. Enjoy your own Jam session in our Huckleberry Jam Terrain Park!  Latest VIDEO: 

January 8, 2021 - Fresh Setup includes the following features spread across the:
Jr Jam Park & Huckleberry Jam Park both located on our Huckleberry Trail: 

  8ft - Jr. Rainbow Box
  8ft - Jr Flat Box 
  12ft - Flat Dancefloor
  6ft small Large Tube
  Combo-Jam Feature Fat Bar to Fun Box
  20ft - Battleship Box
  20ft - Caped Down Rail
  24ft - Flat Down Box
  23ft - DFD Rail = Down-Flat-Down Rail
  24ft - C Box
  16ft - Fat Tube = 10" Pipe
  8ft - Hot Dog on Spine
More features coming on line soon!