Boarderline: Ramping up the action

Lookout Pass terrain parks manager Chuck Schmidt and his staff have been working hard to create awesome new features. Here's some of what you will find on the frontside in Boarderline:
The Lightning Bolt Rail: a down-flat-down 4" flat railing with rounded edges that zig-zags like a lightening bolt
The Gate Keeper: big and awesome, 30-foot-long up-flat-down 6" flat railing with rounded edges, making it easier to lock on and ride through.
The Down: smooth, long, awesome 30-foot-long hand rail modeled after a popular rail in Salt Lake City seen in Joey Sexton's part in 2010's "32" movie. the only difference is a wider round bar--4 inches instead of 2. This makes it safer so riders can experience riding like they see in the movies.
The Tear Drop: like a rainbow rail, but with a longer down than up--8 feet, then 15 feet with a nice, mellow flow.
The Down C: An epic rail with a 2-foot radius curve meshed with a down--the most challenging on the mountain. feature on the mountain, but we're sure many will claim it. 
There will be many other features in all 3 parks at Lookout, including flat rails, boxes, flat down boxes, pole jams and a 200 gallon propane tank. Our goal is to provide an awesome and friendly environment for anyone who wants to join the fun.
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