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Feb 11

Mardi Gras Festival & Beer Hoist Competition

Mardi Gras Celebration! Bring Your Beads!!
Live Music by Jimi the Piano Man in the Loft Pub & Tasty Brats grilled on the Deck! 

Five guests - with 2 pitchers of beers each (One in each Hand) will line up and attempt to Hoist their pitchers of beer aloft longer than any of the other 4 entrants in this belly up to the bar competition.
Entry fee is the cost of two pitchers of beers and yes after the competition you get to enjoy the beer you purchased.
The last one holding their beer pitchers up will move onto the next round till a champion is crowned!  
Prizes will be given to those who can hold their beer aloft the longest. 
Prizes provided by our Sponsors.  
Competition runs roughly from 3 to 3:30 pm in the Loft Pub. 

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