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Apr 08

DRINK our Barrels Dry PARTY 4/8/18

Lookout Pass invites you to help DRINK OUR BARRELS DRY
have you ever been invited to a better party - Date is April 8th - as we prepare to close out the season.

Everyone who purchases a beer from one of the 3 freshly tapped barrels that day will receive a ticket to enter a prize drawing for some great swag.
As Each Keg gets emptied we'll do a prize drawing.
Gifts comeing from both the mountain and our awesome Beer sponsors.

To be clear this doesn't mean the season is ending - but we will appreciate your efforts to help us get rid of some "liquid inventory". Just like some of the townsfolk of Wallace did durring the Big Burn in 1910. 

We do plan to ski/ride through April 8th, and possibly for a weekend or two after. Extending the season certainly is dependent upon conditions and the pending weather forecast.  

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