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Apr 12

4/12/2020 Easter Egg Hunt Open 9 am to 4 pm

Sunday - April 12th - ON MOUNTAIN - EASTER EGG HUNT 
Easter Egg Hunt is for Kids ages 13 & under. 
Find one of 70+ hidden Easter Eggs. All will have candy or some sort of a small prize in them, while others will have a written code inside saying you are indeed a PRIZE WINNER.

Check in your Eggs # right after finding it with the girls who are working the Food Service cash register.  This will help us track all found eggs and allows us to post hints on those yet to be discovered.  Return all eggs to the back deck no later than 2:30 pm to claim your prize. 
Eggs will be hidden randomly around the mountain (any trail that is open is fair game) there will likely be multiple eggs in varying locations around the mountain.

We encourage all patrons to help our younger kids (ages 13 & under) to find these hidden eggs. Prizes will be youth oriented! 
One Special Egg will have a Youth Season Pass associated with it as a Prize.

PLEASE only 1 egg per child - only for children ages 13 & under. I
f you are older leave the egg there for a child to discover.  Or better yet help a child by giving them hints where to find the egg you saw. But please do not move any eggs.

It's Easter so HELP spread the love around and make a kids day.  



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