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Dec 31

12/31/2022 Torchlight Parade - Watch or Participate

12/31/2022 TORCHLIGHT PARADE - As a New Years Eve Gift to our guests & the St. Regis, Superior, MT & Mullan, Wallace & Silver Valley, ID community at large, the mountain will host a

TORCHLIGHT PARADE on December 31st starting at ~ 5 p.m. & Finishing by 5:30 p.m.
There will be food special from 4 to 6 pm in our Food Court.
Chicken Kabobs 2/$6,
Walking Taco $5.
Drinks on the Deck &
Full Bar Menu including Brats, Chili & Drinks.
Champagne & Cide after the parade on the deck FREE!
Guests ages 21+ can enjoy a different perspective from the elevated Loft Pub & Grub.
Guests are welcome to come watch or for those who want to get in on the action come participate right alongside our employees (Ages 14+ accompanied by a parent - Ages 16+ can go on their own - with signed release). 
All that want to ski/ride in the torchlight parade must ride on our Peak 1 Quad prior to 4 pm, and assemble near the Ski Patrol building to be assigned into groups.

A full RELEASE OF LIABILITY must be turned in prior to participation for each individual wanting to take part. 
Please download, fill in and sign your releases and bring to the summit fully filled in. This will make the registration process go much quicker.  See more details below.  

Participants: Anyone who considers themselves a good intermediate to advanced skier, and is capable of making big wide swooping turns from the summit of Chair #1 down Black Bear to Gold to the base area carrying a hot torch is invited to participate.

Understandably - Spaces will be limited to the number of Flares we have available.

Invitation is going out to the Lookout Pass Staff, Race Team, Season Pass Holders and our Good Friends of the mountain.
(Participants ideally will be ages 16 and up - but exceptions down to age 14 are available if well supervised by parents also participating in the event). 

Best viewing opportunities will be from our Food Court Deck, our Food Service Center, The Pub & Grub Bar or for those hearty souls just standing Outside on the snow. 
The path the skiers and snowboarders will likely take will be to make big sweeping turns down the mountain off Black Bear to Gold or Interstate, to Bonanza to the base area. All participants will be carrying torches that burn at 1,600 degrees taped onto bamboo poles. 

  Drinks on the deck.
  Chicken Kabobs 2/$6
  Walking taco $5
  Champagne & cider after the parade on the deck free

All participants must board our NEW Peak 1 Quad Chair Lift for a ride to the summit no later than 4 p.m. At the summit you will hand in your paperwork, then pickup your flares and assemble into groups of 10 at top of Chair #1 in front of the Ski Patrol shack.

Around 5 pm we will LIGHT THE FLARES on cue.

Group leaders will set the path down our intended course(s). Our chosen start time is approximately 5 pm with an estimated finish time of 5:30 pm. This will allow guests and participants to enjoy their chosen later night festivities without this event impacting your celebrations. The whole event will be finished by 5:30 to no later than 6 pm offering plenty of time for guests to grab a snack with familiy members in either the Food Court or at the Loft Pub before heading home for other parties or events.   

Photo Buffs - This is an extraordinary opportunity to highlight your photo tallents, and capture a winner of a photo. Some photos could even be turned into postcards. For those that are proficient with DSLR's a nice long exposure from a tripod works best. Try 30 to 60 Second exposures or more as you want to capture the movement of the flares allowing them to blurr.

Or if you are into Video - The newer editions of the I-Phone and other new phones have incredible low light sensors and can usually make this a fun video to share with friens.  This new event could become an annual if it is well received. It certainly will be one to remember and a great way for our staff and friends to gather and wish you all the most happiness in the coming New Year!

A completed RELEASE OF LIABILITY is required for all participants.  Please print this off and fill it in ahead of time. Then bring it with you to the Summit to participate in the Torchlight Parade.  Space is limited. For safety everyone participating must wear goggles.  It is suggested that participants not wear their newest or best ski/snowboard outfits. Lookout Pass Associates Inc. is not responsible for any damage to equipment or clothing. 

The Lookout Pass Management Team 

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