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The Long anticipated opening day for our EAGLE PEAK Terrain & our 2nd Quad Chairlift will be the weekend of Dec. 17-18, 2022. We'll have our official dedication celebration on 12/17/2022 at 10am. 

This photo shows a few of the trails as viewed from the bottom of the Rolling Thunder trail on 11/4/2021.


500 Acres of new terrain to explore.
14 New TRAILS with a mix of strong Intermediate & Advanced or Expert Runs. 
Nice long gladed areas
Eagle Peak summit 6,160 ft. which is 500 ft higher than the current summit.
This elevation gain means more snow and a higher quality snow. 
The Chair 5 Quad will transports guests for 1,380 ft of vertical over a 1 mile span.
There will be 155 chairs on this lift.  
Total Vertical from the Bottom of Chair #2 to the top of Chair 5 is 1,650ft.
Enjoy Awesome Views of NW Montana and the Rocky Mountains as well as ID and the famed Bitterroot mountains. 
The lift is a fixed grip quad built by Garventa CTEC. It was updated by Sky Trac Lifts of Salt Lake City, UT and has been professionally installed by them working in conjunction with our team over the summer & fall. 
In addition to the new lift, Lookout has expandied parking and has made a number of other improvements to Walkways and Decks around our current Day Lodge.  


View of Eagle Peak Shot in February 2022! 

Eagle Peak as viewed from Cloud 9 Trail in March 2022. 

Beautiful wide open trails await. 

The cabin on this cat had 12 seats for guests, was heated, and came with water, snacks and music.
It was purchased exclusively for that operation last winter. We now transport you to the summit on a Quad Chairlift. 

  Map showing the full mountain as viewed from above:

NO Snowmobiles, Snowsleds, Snowbikes, Four Wheelers or other tracked vehicles etc. are allowed to operate within the permit area that Lookout Pass has with the US Forest Service. Unfortunately, violators will be prosecuted. There is plenty of public land available that does not lie within this boundry. Know before you go!

SAFETY: We suggest that guests come prepared with their own beacons, whistles, backpack, shovel, probes, change of clothes, extra gloves-mittens, goggles, socks, base layers, water and snacks. Our patrol would like all guests to download an app onto their phone called AirFlare prior to their trip and to be familiar with its operation before coming. We also suggest that you become familiar with any beacon you may bring by testing your abilities to operate said beacon and perform a search / location test in our new Beacon Skills Testing Park at Lookout - Located between the top of Rolling Thunder & Hoot Owl.  


UPHILL ACCESS BY SKIERS or BOARDERS - There will be opportunities for skinned uphill access into the Eagle Peak Expansion area, BUT only during regular operating hours 9:30am to 2:30pm, and only by current season pass holders, or those in posession of a valid lift ticket.
Reminder this area is open ONLY when we show this terrain as open on our 
Daily Snow Report.
To be open it will require that we have Patrol Staff assigned specifically for this area. This information will be shown in the notes section of our snow report that gets updated daily throughout the winter. If for some reason it is not updated or clear, then the area is NOT OPEN for uphill access. 
NO early or after hours access is permitted for any reason. 

Self powered skin uphill access would generally be allowed between 9:30AM and 2PM, again subject to patrol availability and the area being open for that day. 

Outside of the 9:30am to 2pm window, uphill access is prohibited on account of snow grooming operations or because other equipment may be located on or operating on the hill.

No private or public snowmobiles, snow cats, motorized snowbikes, or other types of over-the-snow motorized equipment are allowed to access the permit area that Lookout Pass Ski and Recreation Area has with the Forest Service, including the New Eagle Peak expansion area.   

Photo Taken 11/5/2021 showing a logging truck transporting logs from the Eagle Peak expansion to a lumber mill. Yes, the expansion is real and will be in operation for winter 2022-23! 

EAGLE PEAK CAT SKIING ADVENTURES VIDEO from winter 2021-22. No Snowcat operation now as we open the area via lift access starting on Sat. 12/17/2022.