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EAGLE PEAK - Will be Lift Served for winter 2022-23. The Cat Skiing operation is done for this winter. 
We are excited to announce that our New Eagle Peak Terrain will be lift served for winter 2022-23.
Buy your season passes now knowing you'll have convenient lift access to this beautiful terrain next winter.

This photo shows a few of the trails as viewed from the bottom of the Rolling Thunder trail on 11/4/2021


500 Acres of new terrain to explore.
14-16 TRAILS with a mix of Intermedia, Advanced and Expert Runs. 
Nice Gladed areas
Eagle Peak summit 6,160 ft. which is 640 ft higher than the current summit.
This elevation gain means more snow and a higher quality snow! 
The Chair 5 Quad will transports guests for 1,380 ft of vertical over a 1 mile span.
There will be 152 chairs on this lift.  
Total Vertical from the Bottom of Chair #2 to the top of Chair 5 is 1,650ft.
Enjoy Awesome Views of NW Montana and the Rocky Mountains as well as ID and the famed Bitterroot mountains. 
The lift is a fixed grip quad built by Garventa CTEC. It is being upgraded by Sky Trac Lifts of Salt Lake City, UT and will be installed by them working in conjunction with our team over the summer. 
The New Eagle Peak Quad Lift should be ready by November 30, 2022. 
In addition to the new lift, Lookout will be expanding Parking and making improvements to Walkways and Decks around our current Day Lodge.  


View of Eagle Peak Shot in February 2022! 

Eagle Peak as viewed from Cloud 9 Trail in March 2022. 

2021-22 Cat Skiing RATES:
RESERVE A SEAT (Morning half day) $100/seat
 (Min. 8 people to run / Max 12 seats). No refunds! 
Guests can expect to get 4 to 5 runs on the new Eagle Peak expansion terrain. 
First cat will depart from the parking lot at 8:30 am and should have you to the summit Around 9:10am.
Guests will meet & load into the red box cat located in the parking lot, near the maintance shop, prior to 8:30 am. 
Subsiquent c
at trips that day will load at the future bottom terminal location for Chair 5, which is located on 
lower Tamarack Trail - Look for the cat or the "Meet Here" A-Frame sign.
The cat will leave the Tamarack loading area for the summit at 9:30, 10:30, 11:30 & 12:30.
Want to enjoy one more run - Want to experience a single run of Cat Skiing for a low entry fee? 
Guests who paid for the morning session can pay an extra $30 for one more run at 1:30pm - (if space is available). We will also be booking these seperately for any guest to give Cat Skiing a try - Just $30.  

Guests who miss a load time will need to wait for the next load - no refunds if you miss the cat. 

If weather, safety concerns, mechanical issues, driver illness or other circumstances prevent us from operating the cat for the rest of a started day, we will issue you a prorated refund/credit for another day.
If we make the decision to not operate for one or more runs part way thru a day, your missed runs will be refunded at $25/run that did not go, or you can choose to have a partial credit toward another day. 

Bring your own PRIVATE group, up to 12 guests. For advanced to expert skiiers or riders.
Guests can expect to make 4-5 laps on a morning session, more if you add on the 1:30 session. 
If (weather, safety concerns, mechanical issues, driver illness or other circumstances prevent us from operating the cat for one or more runs.) - We will issue you a prorated refund or issue you a prorates credit towards another day for any missed runs. If we make the decision to not operate for one or more runs part way thru a day, your missed runs will be refunded or credited to another day.
 RESERVE A PRIVATE CAT Morning (8:30, 9:30, 10:30, 11:30 & 12:30.) $1200 (No Refunds).
(8:30, 9:30, 10:30, 11:30, 12:30 & 1:30.) Contact for Rate (No Refunds).

 RESERVE A SEAT FOR A SINGLE AFTERNOON RUN. Cat departs at 1:30 pm $30/person 
 (No Refunds). For advanced to expert skiers or riders only.
 Inquire and book your spot at the Ski School Desk inside the rental building before noon.
 You will need to ski to the snowcat meeting point on Lower Tamarrack and be there by 1:30 pm.  

We need to have time to schedule a Cat Driver & Patrol Coverage:

Make your Reservation online or Call 208.744.1234 x15. 

CANCELATION POLICY: Reservation can only be cancelled within 30 days advance notice. If you cancel 30 days out you can rebook another date or choose to have a full refund - as we feel this provides us adequate time to have the chance to re-book that date with another party. Inside 30 days there are no refunds for cancelations.

All cat skiers/riders will need a Lookout Pass daily lift ticket for that day or a season pass.
Why? You will need to ride Chair 2 to get back to the front side of the mountain after your experience.
All who have an advanced reservations will receive a dated cat skiing ticket. It will be issued to you at the cat when you load in the morning. Inquire at the ski school desk in the morning to see if there is availability to purchase a seat on the cats scheduled that day.  You can purchase your tickets and fill out your waivers there.

The cab on this cat has 12 seats, is heated, and comes with water, snacks and music.
It was purchased exclusively for this operation. 

VERTICAL: Eagle Peak offers 1,380ft Summit to snowcat pickup spot (future base of Chair 5). 
  Guests should expect an average of one round trip per hour.
  The cat will depart about every hour. 
  If the cat and group run a little fast - it's possible that they may squeeze in another run. - no promises. 
  The cat takes about 20 min to go up to the summit, and another 20 min to come down. Plus load and unload times.

ONLINE RELEASE - WAIVER: Everyone must print it off, fill it out and bring it with you for your trip. 
SAFETY OVERVIEW - This document will be read at the top by one of our team members, likely patrol and you will need to sign that you will abide by the message before your first run. It is provided here so you can review it prior to your trip. No need to print this document off.   

  AM & All Day Sessions first ride: Meet at the Cat in the parking lot to load your gear, turn in your release and board the cat.

 (After this weekend this will move to meet at 8 am at the Mini-Moose Building located at the Base of Chair 4. Here you will sign your waiver and be issued your cat riding tickets.) 
  1:30 pm single run guests will meet the cat at the loading point on the Tamarack Trail before 1:30.
  You will need to purchase your $30 ticket at the Ski School Desk in the Rental Shop and fill in your release there before 12 noon.
You'll be directed to ski down Tamarack to an A-frame sign that designates the groomer meeting point if the groomer is not there already.
  Map showing meeting points:

DEMO A PAIR OF POWDER SKIS - We have high performance demo skis available for rent.
Powder skis from Atomic, Deviation and Icelandic. If interested, please contact the rental center to have a pair set aside for you. Call 208.744.1234 x12 to discuss demo skis. Our rental team can adjust the bindings for you starting at 8 am the morning of your trip. You need to board the cat at 8:30 so plan accordingly. 
 Backland Ski's in 159cm, 167cm, 175cm all are 107 underfoot 
 Backland Ski's in 172cm, 177cm, 184cm all are 117 underfoot

 Function Ski in 172cm, 180cm,190 cm 108 underfoot.
 Limit Ski in 193cm 118 underfoot - more sizes on the way. 
 Prime Swallowtail a powder specific snowboard 155cm, 162cm, 166 cm. 

 Wave Lenght a powder directional powder specific snowboard 151cm & 155cm

Ski in 178cm or 181cm both 105 underfoot
 Maiden Ski in 155cm, 162cm, 169cm all are 101 underfoot 

Ski in 180 & 188 all are 106 underfoot  

These are NOT guided trips. This semi-developed terrain is rated EXPERT. You must be capable of skiing Expert Terrain and variable conditions. 
Only 1 Trail will usually groomed, all others will usually remain in their natural state. You are on your own once you depart the cat. Guests are expected to stay on cleared trails within the USFS permitted area. We strongly suggest that guests ski in groups of 3-4 or more in case of an accident. This allows one to stay with the person in need and the other(s) to continue to the bottom to the rendevous point with the cat to summon ski patrol. Again, we strongly suggest that all participants download the AirFlare App and know how to use it prior to arrival. We also suggest that you maintain visual contact with your buds. 
UPHILL ACCESS BY SKIERS or BOARDERS - There will be opportunities for skinned uphill access into the Eagle Peak expansion area, but only during regular operating hours 9am to 2pm. You must have a current season pass or valid lift ticket. Reminder this area is open ONLY when we show this terrain as open on our Daily Snow Report. To be open it will require patrol presence specifically for this area. This information will be shown in the notes section of our daily snow report. If for some reason it is not updated or clear then the area is NOT OPEN for uphill access. NO early or after hours access is permitted for any reason. 

NO Snowmobiles, Snowsleds, Snowbikes, Four Wheelers or other tracked vehicles etc. are allowed to operate within the permit area that Lookout Pass has with the US Forest Service. Unfortunately, violators will be prosecuted. There is plenty of public land available that does not lie within this boundry. Know before you go!

SAFETY: Our Ski Patrol will offer a safety orientation at the beginning of each trip after you unload at the summit. We suggest that guests come prepared with their own beacons, whistles, backpack, shovel, probes, change of clothes, extra gloves-mittens, goggles, socks, base layers, water and snacks. Our patrol would like all guests to download an app onto their phone called AirFlare prior to their trip and to be familiar with its operation before coming. We also suggest that you become familiar with any beacon you may bring by testing your abilities to operate said beacon and perform a search / location in our new Beacon Skills Testing Park at Lookout - Located just past the bottom of Hoot Owl on Quicksilver.  

Lookout Pass will operate equipment as needed in this area including; groomers, snowmobiles, chainsaws and various other equipment as needed. The Eagle Peak Expansion area is terrain that will be used exclusively for our Cat Skiing Adventures this winter. Note this terrain will be served by a Quad chairlift for next winter (2022-23).

All these trails are 
within the permit area that Lookout Pass has with the US Forest Service. Trespassers will be prosecuted as you will be accessing terrain that is being used in accordance with our permit and your presence is a major safety risk to yourself, our employees and guests. Please respect this and understand the safety and other implications trespassing will have. It is your responsibility to know the boundaries. A map of the permit area and the new Eagle Peak terrain will be shared here soon. (Link to Map of Eagle Peak coming soon).


UPHILL ACCESS BY SKIERS or BOARDERS - There will be opportunities for skinned uphill access into the Eagle Peak Expansion area, BUT only during regular operating hours 9am to 2pm, and only by current season pass holders, or those in posession of a valid lift ticket.
Reminder this area is open ONLY when we show this terrain as open on our 
Daily Snow Report.
To be open it will require that we have Patrol Staff assigned specifically for this area. This information will be shown in the notes section of our snow report that gets updated daily throughout the winter. If for some reason it is not updated or clear, then the area is NOT OPEN for uphill access. 
NO early or after hours access is permitted for any reason. 

Self powered skin uphill access would generally be allowed between 9:30AM and 2PM, again subject to patrol availability and snow cat operations being open for that day. 

Outside of the 9:30am to 2pm window, uphill access is prohibited on account of snow grooming operations or because other equipment may be located on/operating on the hill.

No private or public snowmobiles, snow cats, motorized snowbikes, or other types of over-the-snow motorized equipment are allowed to access the permit area that Lookout Pass Ski and Recreation Area has with the Forest Service, including the New Eagle Peak expansion area.   

Photo Taken 11/5/2021 showing a logging truck transporting logs from the Eagle Peak expansion to a lumber mill. Yes, the expansion is real and will be in operation for winter 2021-22 via a snowcat skiing experience!