Reopen for Winter 24-25 in Nov.


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COME RIDE OUR New "Peak 1" Quad Chairlift! 


12/14/2019 - Was OPENING DAY for the NEW 2019-20 Season - Featuring our NEW Peak-1 Quad! And it has been running flawlessly ever since!

11/16/2019 - Load Test Complete - NEW SkyTrac Quad is ready for Winter! 

11/14/2019 - Hanging Chairs at night under rental lights - now that's dedication.  Winter is coming - We'll be ready! 

Installing chairs is a real team effort. 

10/30/2019 Haul Rope Splice finished. After that we have to affix chairs then complete the load test. All is still on schedule for a mid November opening day. 

10/29/2019 Haul Rope hung. After that we have to Splice the cable, affix chairs, finish some electrical then complete the load test. All is still on schedule for opening day. 

10/24/2019 New Forest Green Motor housing installed on the bottom terminal. The guide rope was pulled over the weekend and that will be used to pull the haul rope through the system this week. After that we have to splice the haul rope, affix chairs, finish some electrical then complete the load test. 

10-20-2019 New Operator shack installed on the SkyTrac Quad Chairlift. 

Motor Housing Covers arrived this weekend and are ready for installation. 

10-11-2019 Installing the new Green Operator Shack on the bottom terminal. You'll soon discover that this lift loads from the other side, as the Bullwheel spins in a counter clockwise rotation. We're getting closer to opening day. FRESH SNOW in the background might be making the lift job a little tougher on the guys, never the less it's good to see the mtn. cloaked in white.  Motor housing to be delivered early next week. Cable then gets hung, spliced and chairs will then get hung. Then the lift will get load tested and inspected.  


10-6-2019 Bullwheel installed on top of mountain, all crossarms and Sheave Trains installed, Comm. line up.
We'll be ready for winter - are you? Have you got your Season Pass, Lift Ticket 6-Pack or $79 Frequent Skier Card yet? 

9-20-2019 Bottom drive terminal support structure completed.  All crossarms and sheave assemblies installed. 10-6-19 Motor room, bottom operators station, and balance of carrier parts due for delivery Oct. 9.  SkyTrac electricians on site to complete all electrical hookups and comm. line installation.  Haul rope on site. We'll start installing this later this week.  Making good progress and on schedule for completion soon.

9-20-2019 View of the Motor Housing with the Bullwheel waiting! Yes our front side is that steep - LOL (Sorry the photo is turned). 

9-20-2019 More parts being delivered. 

9-4-2019 Wider Crossarm Hangers for the quad chairs being installed on towers & towers being painted light gray. 

8-12-2019 Cement work on Top & Bottom Terminals & New Tower #8 pad. 

8-6-2019 Cement form in place awaiting a pour of concrete for new bottom terminal.

Old motor housing getting ready to find finds a new home. 

7-29-2019 Concrete carriers pouring tower pads & top terminal. 

7-25-2019 Update - Welding new caps onto the existing towers. 

7-4-2019 Update: Digging a massive hole that will house the foundation of the new SkyTrac Quad. This is located under what used to be the base of our old Chair #1. The hard part was removing all the old cement and rebar of the previous foundation. In addition to this a new tower foundation was dug, as was the foundation hole for pouring the new top terminal. 

6-21-2019 Update: Digging out the old foundation.
Removing the slab that was the old foundation. Required our guys to jackhammer out a lot of the old cement.


6-8-2019 Update: New SkyTrac Part Arrive.
Crossarms, Walkways, Hangerarms, Caps & more.

5-24-2019 Update: Old motor housing for the old chair #1 was taken down today. 

After closing day on April 21st our lift team immediately took to the task of making way for our new quad chairlift.

Groomers removed tons of snow so we could get the necessary equipment transported up to the summit to start working on the removal of the existing double chairlift. 

First task of business was to remove, and then store, all 126 of the double chairs from the existing double chair that was chair #1. 

A successful pull test was then conducted on the towers. 
Then the team cut the splice and dropped the haul rope.  It then wound the rope onto a spool to store for use on our Eagle Peak Expansion. This lift will be repurposed to become the shorter of the 2 chairlifts (Lift #6) on the new Eagle Peak Expansion. Chair #5 which will run for the full 1,650 ft vertical will likely be a new SkyTrac lift as well. 

Next step was to remove all the sheave assemblies. We'll also remove the cross arms from the existing towers at some point as the new quad chair is wider and new cross arms are required. 

We are currently working on dropping the drive bullwheel in the bottom terminal. See photo below.

Then we can clean out the motor room at the base to make way for an all new SkyTrac motor room. 

Some of the existing towers will be repurposed, while other new towers will be installed according to the SkyTrac engineers specifications. 

As of May 21, 2019 - All work is currently on schedule. The new lift will be finished, inspected and ready for use in October 2019 for opening day of the 2019-20 winter season. 


Removing Sheave Assemblies! 

Bullwheel below the motor room. 

Bullwheel assembly the workhorse of most lifts. 

Haul Rope - Spooled and getting ready for storage. 

Sheave Trains on the ground. 

Empty Towers - Haul Rope down and spooled. Getting ready to remove the sheave trains. Communication line still showing. 

Getting ready to remove the motor room from the bottom terminal!  Crane will be here Friday 5-24-2019 to remove this terminal in anticipation of the new quad terminal!